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Firm Focus was established in 1987 to offer specialised typesetting/desktop publishing [DTP] and editing services. We are based in Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK, but most business is conducted electronically with clients who come from all parts of the UK, Europe and the USA. We understand design and typography and how to make a publication attractive, informative and readable, from a business perspective.

example 1We have undertaken large and small commissions for many industries, and have experience of producing high-quality publications for engineering, teaching, academic, medical, government and professional organisations (including the associated graphics and presentation material).

Being a small, flexible company we aren't restricted to a nine-to-five routine – but at the same time we provide speed, accuracy, quality and confidentiality at reasonable prices.

To us, deadlines are a challenge, not a problem – and we love a challenge!

Firm Focus   +44 (0) 118 984 3949