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Tina Shorter

Tina Shorter spent 17 years in industrial engineering in various senior sales and marketing management posts. In international sales, her department managed overseas distributors including pricing negotiations, liaison with major OEMs and target setting /measurement. In strategic marketing, she was responsible for product development, sales forecasting and long term planning; then, following a takeover, project management of product rationalisation and re-assessment of the distributor network worldwide.

In 1987 she set up Firm Focus to combine her marketing and computer skills as an ‘intelligent’ desktop publisher/typesetter.

Several of our major clients have been using us since the late 1980s – we like repeat business!

David Shorter

David Shorter, trained initially as a mathematician, has spent his whole working life involved with the IT industry. He specialises in business process and enterprise modelling, is involved in international standards and R&D for manufacturing/enterprise integration and provides consultancy services on the selection, evaluation and management of European IT projects. Whilst running his own company (IT Focus) he is on hand for technical support, project management and proof checking for accuracy and consistency.

With our combined skills, >we are fully equipped to edit, proofread and typeset a wide variety of publications.

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