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These pages have been laid out using Cascading Style Sheets – but not frames, which can cause link-tracing problems for many search engines and printing problems for many browsers. Of course, Web pages cannot be laid out with the precision available from typesetting programs!

The way they appear on your browser will be dependent on several factors – for example on window size and what fonts you have installed. We have used Avant Garde and Palatino as sans and serif fonts respectively, but these may well default to Arial and Times New Roman on your computer. Similarly, layout is affected by whether you allow pages to specify styles and whether you display pages at other than 100%. And if you want to print them from Internet Explorer or Netscape, background graphics will show up only if selected in the print options.

All pages have been checked using the World Wide Web validation service – hence the W3C logos on the left and above – and tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla (aka Netscape) and Safari browsers. But if you do find any problems, please report them to our Webmaster. Thank you.

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